A Dying Mother’s Final Request 


Sara Biderman, Jerusalem mother of 14, fought a long and brutal battle with cancer. Through countless rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries, she remained brave for her children.  

Though her family had sunken hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt, her focus remained on her survival: she must make it, for the kids. Tragically, her will was not enough to save her. 

The day that Sara passed away, the Biderman family gathered around her hospital bed to say their goodbyes. Knowing that her time on this earth was coming to an end, she made one last, urgent request. In her last moments her greatest desire was that of every mother: 

“Take care of my children,” she pleaded. 

Those present knew they must honor her request, though it was unclear how. 

Two months have passed since Rebbetzin Biderman’s petirah, and the shadow of grief still looms heavily over her home. Of 14 children, 7 still reside in their modest apartment in the Geulah neighborhood. The youngest is just 8 years old. 

Bereaved of their mother, the children are lost, suffering in poverty. Their father, Reb Chaim Biderman, struggles to free himself from tremendous debt, whilst single-handedly raising his children, and mourning his life partner.  

Their story has caught the attention of the gedolim: In a letter to the public, the Rachmastrivke Rebbe is quoted as saying that “it is impossible to describe the suffering of the family.”  

The Rebbe also made a very interesting statement regarding those who help the family, stating in his letter that “the mitzvah of supporting the Biderman family has tremendous power to protect [those who give] and their descendants from any illness.”  

Those who wish to help the Biderman orphans can do so by calling 1(877)-722-2646, and selecting fund # 4561. Checks can also be sent to Vaad HaRabbanim L’Inyanei Tzedaka at 221 Regent Drive, Lakewood NJ 08701. All donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Vaad HaRabbanim. 



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