A Purim Shpiel

By Aliza Beer

Miracles and secrets abound in the story of Purim
With a diet consisting of feasts, fasts, and hamantashen
Food is what triggers the Jews and their downfall
Learn from their mistakes, you can’t have it all!
Let’s begin with preparation for the Fast of Esther
Eat three normal meals and 8-10 glasses of water
Break your fast on a protein, veggies, and a healthy grain
Don’t binge and eat a day’s worth of food, that’s insane!
On Purim morning, a nutritious and filling breakfast is the right way
To rev up your metabolism and keep hunger pains at bay
Eat protein and fiber to keep you satisfied all day through
Eggs and whole wheat toast or yogurt with high fiber cereal are some examples, to name a few.
Consider getting fleishigs at lunch with turkey or chicken
This will inhibit most of the chocolate and dairy consumption
Keep water and an iced coffee with almond milk handy
Maintain good hydration and you will feel dandy.
Treat yourself to one special something that you truly adore
Deprivation will only lead you to eat more and more
Moderation is the key to navigating the seudah
Eat mainly protein and vegetables, please control the challah.
Drink and be merry, there are much nissim to celebrate!
But eat sensible portions, all your selections should fit onto one plate
On Shushan Purim donate most of the cake, candies, and food
Keep it hanging around, and you will be up to no good.
One must remove the temptations, it is the only way
To stay on the straight and narrow, Pesach is four weeks away!
If all else fails, I am here at your beck and call
A freilechen Purim to one and all!


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