A Torah Minute: A Holy Clown


… Purim is coming!
The happiest day on the Jewish calendar.
We are in the Jewish month of Adar.
And the Talmud says…
“When Adar arrives, we should be very joyous.”
And I want to tell you how a very special person fulfilled that.
… You may recognize the name Aryeh Kupinsky.
He was one of the rabbis brutally murdered in a Har Nof synagogue.
Aryeh died thinking of others.
“You run. I’ll fight them off!”, he yelled.
And he saved many lives before he fell.
People who knew him weren’t surprised.
Because he lived thinking of others.
…Here’s an example.
When the month of Adar began in his community?
Purim was in the air!
Everyone started getting into the “happiness mode”!
And then there was Aryeh.
What did he do on the first day of Adar?
He would stand at a busy intersection and help school children cross.
And while he was at it?
He would hand out candies.
I almost forgot!
And what was this widely respected Torah scholar wearing?
A clown costume!
…Who would not want to honor the memory of a hero like Aryeh Kupinsky?
But besides being moved by how he died?
Let’s be inspired by how he lived!
And let’s think of ways to bring joy to others.
We may not be handing out candies.
But we can all hand out compliments!
And we may be too inhibited to put on a clown costume.
But we can all put on a huge smile!
Happy Purim!


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