A Torah Minute: The Ultimate Connection To Hashem

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


This week’s Torah portion has one of the most fascinating stories in the Torah.

… Avraham is sitting in front of his tent, recuperating from his circumcision.

And G-d appears to him. Has something to tell him.


But Avraham looks up and sees three strangers approaching.

And he does something unbelievable.

He says to G-d, “Please don’t leave.

I’m going to take care of these strangers. I’ll be right back”.

Avraham puts G-d on hold!

… We know how it feels.

We’re on the phone and hear, “Hold on. I have another call”.

It doesn’t quite make our day!

And Avraham puts G-d on hold?

The Talmud picks up on it

“From here we see that it’s greater to take care of guests than to speak to G-d”.

Sounds very nice. But does it make sense?

What could be more spiritual than speaking to G-d?

… Picture your best friend who lives in a different city.

It’s been years since you’ve seen each other.

And he lets you know that he’s coming to town.

So you drop everything.  Treat him like royalty.

There’s nothing you won’t do for him!

It’s your way of showing how much you love him.

… What if instead of your friend coming to town?

His kid is coming.

And you hardly know him.

But you still drop everything.  Still treat him like royalty.

Because he’s your best friend’s kid?

That shows your love even more!

… Having a relationship with G-d is very spiritual.

When we appreciate all He has given us. 

And express our appreciation with love.

But if we really want to show our love of G-d?

We should take care of his children.

And treat every human being like royalty!



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