A Walk In The Park (Plaza): Words To Live By   Part 1: Be Open With Your Loved One

By Mayer Smith 


When thinking of the term loved ones, we normally think in terms of grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren and beyond. 

Be Open: If it can be assumed that our loved ones also love us, then it can also be assumed that we should not conceal our problems or successes from them. 

If there are problems, loved ones can only help us solve/resolve them if they are aware of them in as much detail as possible.  Concealing some of the facts surrounding the problem can only lead to incorrect assumptions on their part and, therefore, cause them to come up with incorrect solutions that we are likely to find unacceptable. Only by being completely open and making ALL the contributing factors known to our Loved Ones can we expect them to be able to be of maximum effectiveness in their efforts to lessen or, hopefully, cure the problem. 

If there are successes, it is well known that concealing them so as not to be open for requests for help tends to make one isolate him/herself from the company of others and, in other ways, fail to enjoy the fruits of success.  Sharing with loved ones multiplies the precious moments to be had by oneself and others.  Further, if the successes are financial ones, making them known as being gifts from the Almighty also makes known your willingness to be of help to others as you would have them be of help to you should the positions be reversed. 


During my active years did I obey my own prescription for my progeny? 

I must have.  My younger son urged me to end my 14-year sojourn in Georgia and move to Chicago to be near him, his two sons, daughter-in-law & grandson during my final years.  Question was: where was I to live?  He found several retirement homes in the Chicago area and suggested I visit him and check them out.  I said I would rather check them out on the web.  Upon checking each and every one of them, I found that ONLY one would fit ALL my needs.  

Park Plaza was glatt kosher, only 15 minutes from my son, had extensive programming, offered free transportation services, had top ratings, and had a Shul on premises replacing my previous 7 mile drive each way! It was a dream situation for me. And, to cap it off, provided me a 2-bedroom 2-bath suite! 

I told him it would not be necessary for me to come to Chicago because none of the others “filled the bill”.  Instead, I arranged for my suite and prepaid my first month’s rent before moving to Chicago.  It proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.  Park Plaza has met every one of my expectations and more. 

So, because I have always been open with my children in our personal relationships, it was easy for my son to welcome me into his life and the lives of his progeny.