And The Winners of the 2018 Hartman Family Foundation Educator of the Year are…


The ATT proudly announces the winners of the Ninth Annual Hartman Family Foundation Educator of the Year Awards. They are Mrs. Sheri Goldstein (Ida Crown Jewish Academy) whose top award is sponsored in memory of Mrs. Gayle Anne Herwitz, Mrs. Basya Breitman (Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov Elementary School), and Rabbi Shlomoh Rhine (Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi).

Awards are selected by a committee of educational consultants and community members.  Selection criteria for the Educator Award include exceptional instructional skills in a nurturing environment, commitment to one’s students’ success, superior communication skills with parents, students, and peers, commitment to continued professional development, and contributions to one’s school’s learning community.

The award and selection process are designed to highlight the superlative and innovative efforts of our educators.  The ATT and Hartman Family Foundation hope that through the awarding of this prize not only three of the most outstanding teachers in Chicago are recognized, but the award also further elevates and ennobles the entire profession in the eyes of our community.


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