Another Wonderful JET Update 

By Rabbi Zev Kahn 


Thank You To The JET Team

Thanksgiving Is A Time To Give Thanks. I’m Very Thankful That I Have An Amazing Group Of People Who Work For Jet. Each Member Of The Jet Staff Is Unique And Brings Extraordinary Talent And Passion To What They Do Each And Every Day. To Mary Cohn Who Takes Care Of Absolutely Everything That Goes On Behind The Scenes; My Wife, Hilary, Who Runs The Women’s Division And Is A Dating And Parenting Coach; Adina Mayer Who Coordinates The Positive Speech Project; And Tehiya And Mordi Rubin, The Dynamic Young Couple Who Are At The Heart Of Our Program At The Jet Home In Champaign, On Behalf Of All Of Our Students And Supporters, I Say Thank You To You All. May G-d Bless You With Continued Strength To Do Your Holy Work.


JET Students Join 1 Million Jews Worldwide Celebrating Shabbat Project With Shabbaton In Lincolnwood

The worldwide Shabbat Project came to Lincolnwood this past Shabbat. Joining together as one Jewish nation with 1 million Jews celebrating Shabbat in 106 countries and 1,685 cities, 25 JET students from Champaign and West Rogers Park spent a beautiful Shabbaton with the community of Bais Chaim Dovid synagogue in Lincolnwood. The Friday night meal was hosted by Kirill and Mary Vorobeychik and was followed by a talk on Dating and Marriage by Rabbi Dr. Jack Cohen and then lots of shmoozing. After kiddush the next day, students had lunch at their host families and returned to the Bais Chaim Dovid synagogue to hear Rabbi Cohen again. Shabbat ended with a musical havdalah by JET @ U of I Rabbi Mordi Rubin. Students and hosts commented about the wonderful time they had meeting each other. 

Girls Night Out Shabbat Dinner

Rivki Cherrick and Mrs. Tehiya Rubin are rock stars!! Together, they hosted over 30 girls at the JET Home for Shabbat dinner this past Shabbat. Thursday night a bunch of girls came over to help cook a mountain of food. From all accounts, it was a beautiful Shabbat dinner. 9 girls stayed another 2 hours after the meal to shmooze. All we can show you is the dining room set up before Shabbos. To see the real thing, you’ll have to join the Rubins and Rivki next semester for another GNO Shabbat dinner.

JET Student Saves Life Of Toddler Through Bone Marrow Swab At JET Event In 2013

Brooke Dordek attended a JET YP social event in 2013 called JET to Israel. Since we were expecting a few hundred young professionals, a local organization asked us if they could set up a booth to ask students to take a cheek swab for the National Bone Marrow registry. Brooke took a swab and a few years later she was contacted and told she was a match for a young boy, named Sebastian from Inglewood, CA. Brooke agreed to a bone marrow transplant and saved Sebastian’s life. This beautiful story was celebrated at the Gift of Life Dinner in LA this week and then made local and national news. We are so proud of Brooke and are humbled to have played a small part in this inspiring story.




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