Chai Lifeline Midwest Needs Toys


At Chai Lifeline our toy shelves serve the unique role of housing the gifts that we acquire, for patients that are in the hospital and often for their siblings who suffer as well. Chai Lifeline’s case manager, Mrs. Rivka Recht, MMHC, goes on average to the hospital 1 – 2 times a week to visit clients and their families. She offers, support, food and always bring gifts. For a child sitting all alone in a cold and sterile hospital these gifts do much more than entertain, they create smiles where none existed before. During this season, as the toy stores shelves quickly fill up with every child’s dream gifts for Chanukah, it contrasts sharply with the quickly emptying of the shelves at the Chai Lifeline Midwest office. To that end we reach out to you, our extended Chai Lifeline Community. We are about to launch our Toy Drives to gather new toys and gifts, in schools and shuls. We thank you for all the donations that you always give with open hearts, and we ask that you remember that these are the gifts that keep kids smiling all year.


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