CTN’s Annual Ilene C. Leon Spa Day for Your Soul


This past Sunday, over 200 women from the Chicagoland area set aside the day to be inspired and to nurture their souls.  May 6th was CTN’s annual Ilene C. Leon Spa Day for Your Soul, an incredible day of learning and connecting. It brought together over 200 women of different ages, stages, and backgrounds, who were deeply touched by the experience of inspiration and sisterhood.  

The fantastic keynote speakers, Rebbetzin Feige Twerski from Milwaukee, and Rivka Caroline from Florida highlighted the day. The breakout session included speakers such as Mrs. Anne Maryles, a holocaust survivor who has only recently begun to share her story publicly, Rachel Zimmerman, a licensed clinical professional counselor speaking on healthy habits, and Dr. Danielle Dragon, a licensed clinical psychologist speaking on parenting without perfection. All of the featured speakers shared insights, humor, depth and friendship.  And the delicious food, the fun raffle with pampering gifts, book signing, and the homemade take-home gifts all added that special personal touch. 

The unique afternoon presentation featuring Rebbetzin Feige Twerski, was facilitated by event sponsor, Cheryl Leon. Cheryl asked the Rebbetzin questions that are on the minds of Jewish woman today, including how to live a most fulfilled life, how to successfully build a Jewish home, and how to survive and thrive in the midst of challenge circumstances. With her signature warmth and authenticity, Rebbetzin Twerski answered each profound question with depth, wisdom, humor, and grace. 

Women took away ideas such as:  

-Grow where you are planted. Where you are is not arbitrary. 

-Continue to trust the train engineer even when going through the dark tunnel. 

-Let’s not give our children our ‘leftovers’. They’re our priority. 

Although months of intensive planning goes into a day like this, the feedback is energizing and heartwarming… 

-The day truly enriched my soul and my daily life. -Jen S. 

-I am excited to try my new time management tips from Rivka Caroline -to not multi-task, but to uni-task in rapid succession. -Brenda G. 

-Rebbetzin Twerski has a special aura around her. You want to take her home. Diana P. 

-I was really impacted by Danielle Dragon’s talk on Parenting. Thinking more about what is driving my behavior and understanding that every behavior of my kids comes from a need. -Chava R.   

-Really loved the holocaust survivor. She was beautiful and inspirational. Her positive view on her life and gratitude for the goodness that happened and how G-d is always watching over her will remain with me. Such a unique chance – loved her strength, her humor and her message. -Martine G. 

-Rachel Zimmerman’s talk on Taking Care of Yourself was powerful. Health is a journey and we need to be kind to ourselves. Really appreciate the practical tips to adopt healthier habits. Sue D. 

-Loved the shared bonding of like-minded women. -Adrienne L. 

-The organizers were so very thoughtful, and all the hard work was evident throughout the day. Thank you!!! Stacey P. 

-Beautiful to be in the same room with ladies of so many different backgrounds and that we all experience the same emotions and it is ok. -Debbie H. 

-I enjoyed every aspect – wonderful women and empowering and engaging speakers. Thank you CTN! I look forward to attending more… I can use these informational tools starting today!!! Cherie G. 

-Loved the mix of young and old in a non judgmental welcoming environment. I am going home with lots to think about. -Jennipher S. 

-I LOVED it. So powerful to connect spiritually with such loving strong inspirational women supporting each other. I hope my daughter will one day get to be here with me and my mom together. -Michele M. 

-I love CTN and am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from such smart women. -Jenny L. 


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