CTN’s Ilene C. Leon Spa Day for Your Soul – Women’s Event of the Year!

By Stacey Panner, Participant


How can we soar and leave behind what keeps us stuck? How can we enhance our relationships that can use repairing?  How can we use the Torah as our guide for a better life? These are a few of the many questions discussed at Chicago Torah Network’s Ilene C. Leon Spa Day for Your Soul. With my mother and sister by my side, and together with 200 Jewish women from all different backgrounds, I attended inspiring seminars given by keynote speakers Esther Wein and Stacey Anbar, and powerful workshops given by Shira Francis, Beth Perkel, and Nurit Siegal.  We discussed topics such as chesed, marriage, happiness, parenting, and maximizing our growth from the lessons around us. Throw in a delicious lunch, amazing raffle prizes, a take-home gift, and new friendships…this truly uplifting event is one of the highlights of my year.

For many women at the conference, including some who will be joining CTN on a spiritual growth trip to Israel in a few weeks, this is their first time coming to a Jewish event of this type. CTN programs like Spa Day help to bridge the gap in our community and help us appreciate that we are all really cut from the same cloth in history and how important it is to embrace and support one another.  I am reminded of my first Spa Day in 2014, and how much CTN has seasoned my life with goodness, and Torah. This year I was fortunate to be part of the Spa day planning committee. Stepping into a leadership role, I am honored to now be a part of fostering that same growth and connection for other Jewish women.

Spa Day was a day filled with so much inspiration and insight. Some of my favorite takeaways are the visualization shared by Esther Wein, that in our relationship with G-d, we are like a baby in the womb, and although we can’t see Him, we know Hashem sustains us. I loved the ways that Stacey Anbar taught us to “Reach In, Reach Out, and Reach Up” with concrete strategies to build a stronger relationship with ourselves, others & G-d.

The feedback at the end of the day was truly gratifying:

Fabulous! Everything shared was incredible – relatable – insightful – spiritual & deepened my connection to Judaism & Jewish women.  – Rena S.

Had me on the edge of my seat in tears – in a good way – how important and valuable we all are. – Lynne S.

I learned the true meaning of chesed, that is making space in your life for others.  Whole different perspective for me. – Julie K.

Enjoyed all the sessions… this is an especially wonderful & warm group of women.  All of you make me a better person. – Rosalie G.

This was the most beautiful lecture I’ve ever heard.  I loved her vulnerability and candor. – Jolie D.

Today strengthened my understanding and bond with my Jewish community & women. – Marina T.

Loved the perspective on my children, life, and knowing who I am. – Jenny F.

Thank you for another fulfilling and gratifying day to help me connect back to myself. – Erin C.

CTN’s Spa Day provides a safe, warm and supportive space for Jewish women to be honest, vulnerable, and experience spiritual growth.  This Spa Day doesn’t include a facial or massage (sorry mom!), but rather provides the sort of pampering and wellness our souls are in need of to give us that desired healthy glow; A relaxed day of sisterhood, self-discovery, and mindfulness.  Personally, a manicure will fade, but the lessons learned at CTN’s Spa Day for Your Soul will last for years to come.


Led by Rabbi Moshe and Mrs. Bracha Katz and Rabbi Doni and Mrs. Esti Deutsch, The Lois & Wilfred Lefkovich Chicago Torah Network (CTN) is truly a warm and welcoming home for the wondering Jew.  CTN strives to create this environment through exciting programs and classes that fit the needs of the modern day Jew wanting to connect to our rich ancient Jewish tradition. To see more about CTN and our programs, please visit www.torahnetwork.org , or contact CTN at info@torahnetwork.org or 773-761-0400×207.



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