Dor Yesharim & Refuah-311 Provide Vital Testing in Schools


Refuah-311, the medical division of The Chicago Center, thanks Dor Yesharim and Mrs. Malkie Kohn, RN, Mrs. Shira Ninio, RN, Mrs. Sara Porush, RN and Mr. Dovid Simkin, RN, who together with Rabbi Yisroel Matzliach, Mrs. Rivkie Perman, Mrs. Jenny Landsman and Miss Sara Cohen worked tirelessly to provide vital testing of ten dangerous genetic diseases along with the diseases included in the optional panel, to nine schools. Over 160 students were screened from Bais Yaakov High School, Bais Yaakov Indiana, Fasman Yeshiva High School, Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov, Hebrew Theological College, Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Lubavitch Girls High School, Meor HaTorah, Telshe Yeshiva.


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