Dreams Come True for Libenu Residents


It was a dream come true for Libenu resident, Michel, whose life’s ambition is to be a meteorologist. Thanks to Carl LaMell, a dear friend of Libenu and former Executive Director of Clearbrook, Michel, and his friend and fellow Libenu resident Jacob got a private, all-access tour of ABC’s studio in downtown Chicago.   After touring the studio and getting to see what happens behind the scenes, Michel and Jacob got to what the 5:30 pm news broadcast live at ABC!

Michel, who is a huge fan of weather science, and is currently taking a meteorology class at Oakton Community College said, “This was one of the best moments of my life.” Jacob concurred. “!t was great,” he said. “Next time I hope to visit ESPN Center.”  

Libenu wants to again thank Carl LaMell for all he does for our organization, and anchor Ravi Baichwal for helping make Michel’s dream come true.


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