Fasman Yeshiva 61 for 61 Celebrates Grand Siyum on Maseches Megillah


What an amazing accomplishment! 28 boys (gematria for koach – strength) successfully participated in the Yeshiva’s 61 for 61 maseches megillah program.  Beginning 61 days prior to Purim, 28 boys committed to learning an amud (a page) of maseches megillah a day, with the goal of completing it on Purim.  Each day a different Rebbe from the Yeshiva posted online a shiur on that day’s amud.  Rabbi Zimmerman, Rabbi Schuman, Rabbi Revah, Rosh Hayeshiva Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Kupchik, Menahel, rotated giving the shiur.  Students were able to then listen to the shiur that they received either as an email or on a special what’s app group. Each day’s learning was done as a merit for a refuah sheleima for Mordechai Zev ben Tamar, a grandparent of a student at the Yeshiva.  A grand siyum took place at the Yeshiva this past Sunday morning. Rabbi Menachem Kirshner, Assistant Principal at Arie Crown, was the guest speaker.  He reminisced about his days at the Yeshiva when he learned the entire maseches and complimented the boys on their great accomplishment. The participants were students from the Yeshiva, Arie Crown’s and Hillel Torah’s 8th grade.  Each student received a special certificate and $100.  We thank an anonymous donor for this program.

We are proud of the following boys for their participation: Shalom Aronin, Yosef-Ber Sofovich, Avi London, Daniel Gurevich, Zachary Perl, Benzion Gertsberg, Benjamin Keren, Akiva Leibtag, Judah Cohen, Netanel Polatchek, Gavriel Warso, Jak Karesh, Reuven Kupchik, Adeev Segal, Yoel Cin, Joshua Saltsman, Yosef Friedman, Yoni Goldstein, Tzvi Abrams, Yitzi Shapiro, Duniel Shapiro, Ariel Levitan Asher Finkel, Doni Finkel, Nadav Taboul, Zev Popel, Shimon Herman, Zali Arnold, and Yakov Schultz.


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