Fasman Yeshiva High School Celebrates The Graduating Class of 2019  


On June 12, Fasman Yeshiva High School celebrated the graduation of the class of 2019. The festivities began with a dinner for the graduates and their immediate families. One of the graduates, Moshe Tzvi Shapiro from Hamilton, ON made a siyum on Maseches Gittin during the dinner. The dinner also provided an opportunity for the out-of-town families to meet the in-town families whom their sons have come to know over their four years at FYHS.

The festivities continued at Fairview South Elementary School for the actual commencement ceremony. The ceremony was an excellent highlight of the achdus and spirit of this class. As the attendees sat down, they were treated to a slideshow of pictures of the graduates. During the ceremony, the program included speeches from the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Avrohom Friedman; HTC CEO, Rabbi Shmuel Schuman; and FYHS Menahel, Rabbi Dovid Kupchik. Additionally, four students were chosen to speak: Senior Class co-president Avery Amster, Doni Miretzky, Class Valedictorian Adeev Segal, and Moshe Tzvi Shapiro. The other Senior Class co-president Josh Lefton provided the opening and closing to the event.

In his speech to the attendees and the graduating class, Valedictorian Adeev Segal remarked, “The Yeshiva has taught us so much, and we’ve used the values and lessons from our caring rabbeim and teachers to make this impact, but we are just getting started. Now that we have achieved this unity, like the generation of the midbar, we can accept and eternalize the mission that falls on us as we graduate the Yeshiva, and move on to the next step. Our mission is to be Torah Jews, who use what we have learned at the Yeshiva to grow a meaningful connection to our heritage, our people, our land and Hashem.”

An overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment was felt by everyone in attendance as the students displayed the growth and maturation they earned while studying at the Yeshiva. They now embark on becoming the next generation of leaders in Torah.


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