Helping Each Other Help One Another


When it comes to fundraising, every organization has its challenges to work through. And so, in an incredible display of unity, like-minded organizations across the country gathered on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 in the conference room at the Marriot Courtyard of Newark, NJ, to support one another in order to service their respective communities most effectively and proactively.

Organized by Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood and Chicago Chesed Fund, the second National Tomchei Shabbos Convention drew renowned organizations from cities across the country, including Baltimore, Bergen County, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Five Towns, Lakewood, North Miami Beach, New York City and Passaic.  

“It was very humbling to come together with people whose lives are about the Klal,” Mrs. Yehudis Fleisher of Chicago Chesed Fund said. “Ultimately, everyone was there to benefit and support our collective efforts and work for the greater Jewish community.”

“The room was full of volunteers, representing a very unique slice of the chesed world. Everyone there was present for the sole purpose of learning from each other and supporting one another,” Mrs. Sara Zilberstein, Co-Director of Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County added.

The primary focus of the conference was the exchange of fundraising ideas. Organization leaders shared different issues they experience, insights and ideas to mitigate these issues, and the various initiatives, programs, and campaigns that have been met with the most success.

The second part of the conference, revolved around purchasing and distributions, allowed individuals to network amongst themselves for the best prices and most cost-efficient vendors.

“Many organizations and small communities experience similar hurdles,” said Rabbi Yossi Fuerst of the Chicago Chesed Fund. “The exchange of ideas really gave us, not only valuable insights going forward, but perhaps even more importantly, a tremendous amount of chizzuk.”

“There was an incredible amount of eagerness amongst the different organizations to help each other.” Mr. Binyamin Svarc of Tomchei Shabbos Lakewood added. “It was extremely valuable to hear where others have found successes and how we can extend our own efforts to help our communities.”

As the positive feedback continues to roll in, Tomchei Shabbos and Chicago Chesed Fund are looking forward to making next year an even greater success. If you are interested in updates, or would like to learn more, contact Rabbi Fuerst at

Founded in 1978, Tomchei Shabbos is an alliance of charitable organizations nationwide that assist the Jewish needy by providing a variety of family services with the utmost level of dignity and discretion. Its wide range of programs include helping individuals find employment, providing clothing and furniture for families, assisting with utilities & rent in emergency situations, helping children obtain Jewish educations and directing those in need to the proper social service organizations. On a weekly basis, they provide food for the week, Shabbat and the holidays. Learn more by visiting your local Tomchei Shabbos.



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