How Am I Driving?

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


This week we read about the Revelation at Mount Sinai.

The giving of the Ten Commandments.

And here’s one of my favorite stories.

A very absent-minded professor is driving together with a student.

And the professor goes through a stop sign.

The student notices, but figures that it could happen to anyone.

Then he goes right through another one.  And another one.

Finally, the passenger turns to the driver and says.

“Sorry professor, but I couldn’t help notice that you just went through three stop signs!”

The professor looks up and says,

“Oh…I’m driving?”

… You know who that professor can be?


Because first G-d created the world.

And at Mount Sinai?

He gave the keys to the Jewish People.

And He said, “You’re driving!

It’s up to you to make this the kind of world I want it to be.”

And sometimes?

We forget that we’re driving.

… Our lives are very busy.  And we’re always on the move.

And every once in a while there’s something that should get our attention.

“A stop sign!”

Like a person who needs some help.  A little of our time. 

Or even just our smile.

We have a chance to make the world a better place.

But we just keep going.

Or we’re about to share a piece of juicy gossip.

And the Torah says don’t.


But we keep on going.

And like that absent-minded professor?

We forget that we’re driving!

This Shabbos is a good time to ask ourselves…

“How am I driving?”

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