ICJA In Full Swing This Fall


We are thrilled to welcome everyone to the 2019/2020 school year, our 77th year! Welcome, especially, to the freshmen class of 2023, new transfer students and new families to the Academy! As always, you never know what a day or week at ICJA may bring. The beginning of this school year brought on a whirlwind of activities in preparation for the fall and chagim season, as well as a celebration of our past achievements throughout the year. Around every corner, there was excitement in the air as the school was buzzing with Torah learning, athletics, and activities.

There was no better way to kick off a great school year than the most anticipated event of fall, the All-School Retreat. Rain or shine, the days were jam-packed with field sports and competitions while the nights were filled with bonfires, rallies, mishmar, and hanging out. The surprise trip to Action Territory was a blast playing arcades, and riding water bumper cars and go-karts. The retreat really lived up to its theme of #growingtogether.

Ida Crown Girls Club also started the year off right with a yogurt bar, followed by a drive-in movie with popcorn, snacks, and surprise swag. Of course, nothing is complete without ICJA swag giveaways, making the event extra special with each girl receiving an ICJA fleece blanket.

With the school year barely started, we were fortunate to have had special guest speakers, Rabbi Lebowitz from YU discussing contemporary medical ethics shailas as well as Mrs. Jordana Cope-Yossef leading a tefilla workshop for girls. It was a great privilege for our students to learn and grow in areas of halacha, ethics, and tefilla in advance of the new year.

Though it has been a tremendous start, we have so much more to look forward to as the year goes on.


ICJA Welcomes New Staff

Several new staff members have joined our outstanding team this year. Welcome to the following new teachers at ICJA, who we have been profiling in our newsletters. Mrs. Emma Katz has joined our Tanach staff. She is the new NILI Community Scholar for Chicago and approaches text in a way that’s relevant and alive to students. Ms. Ruth Gleicher, our new biology teacher, has perfected the use of biotechnology to make molecular genetics in the classroom faster, simpler and more captivating than ever. Mrs. Shira Fensterheim joins us from Israel, where she specialized in teaching drama. She is a published author and uses her drama skills to teach Hebrew in a very engaging way. Ms. Brittany Peters, formerly our basketball coach has been promoted to Athletics Director. As a former team member of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, we are lucky to have her leading our Athletics Department.


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