ICJA Student Placed Second In Annual Jerusalem Science Contest 


ICJA student, Julia Polster, placed second this week in the annual Jerusalem Science Contest, an initiative of the Walder Science Center. The national contest consists of a series of exams over the year and a research project that focuses on the year’s science topic and its connection to Judaism.  


The topic of this year’s Jerusalem Science Contest was nanotechnology, and Julia researched nanotechnology applications in immunology and allergy. She says, “Through participating in this contest, I have gained a deeper understanding of this incredible emerging science and its Judaic connections.” 


The 1st place finisher receives a $1,000 cash prize and a 4-Year JCT Lev Academic Center Tuition Scholarship. Julia, the 2nd place finisher receives a $700 cash prize and is among the top five finishers who wins a trip to Israel. 


The Jerusalem Science Contest is a collaborative project between the Walder Science Center and the JCT Lev Academic Center – Mechon Lev, and ICJA students annually rank among the top finishers.  



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