Just One Chesed Chicago


Scenario 1:

It was 10:45 a.m. when Mrs. Singer * was diagnosed and given the news that she needed surgery.  She wasn’t surprised, but now had a million things to figure out prior to the procedure. Who will cook meals when she was out of commission?  Who will drive the kids to and from school? Who will clean the house? Who will do the shopping? How will they survive without the parnassa that she usually brings to the household?  There were so many things to figure out and she didn’t know where to turn. Shortly after she got home, a friend called and Mrs. Singer was trying to sort through the many tasks on her plate.  While she and her friend knew that the city has countless incredible organizations that would surely help out, she just didn’t know where to begin. Her friend, Mrs. Smith * suggested that she call JustOneChesed Chicago.  Mrs. Singer had not heard of this place. “What is it?” she asked. “It’s a new referral service in the city. All you have to do is call/text or e-mail them with your situation and they will direct you to the appropriate organization in the city for each of your needs.  Try it.” Mrs. Singer did just that. She called JOC Chicago and was given the names and numbers of each organization she needed to help her through the next number of weeks.

*Name changed to protect client

Scenario 2:

Summer is a time that most people look forward to.  Whether it’s because of the warm weather, the long days, no school, or the ability for the children to play outside.  I say MOST people because there are those who see summer as a time of anxiety. In late June, Mrs. Gold* had a serious predicament.  As a teacher in one of the local schools, she makes a small salary which makes it difficult to pay the basic monthly bills. During the first number of days, it wasn’t such a big deal to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and maybe a baked potato or some pasta for dinner, but that didn’t last long.  There were no options for this teacher (and an incredible one at that). A co-worker from the school called up JustOneChesed Chicago and shared her concerns about her co-worker. The suggestion was to have the teacher herself reach out and that JustOneChesed Chicago would happily help her. Within only days Mrs. Gold called and was set up for success for summer.  

*Name changed to protect client

Scenario 3:

Just before Rosh Hashana, Mr. and Mrs. Freed* were cleaning out their home and had some beautiful furniture (a dining room set and a bunkbed) that they were no longer in need of.  They had tried calling a few of the local organizations to donate their furniture, but none of the organizations were able to take it. They had heard about JustOneChesed Chicago, so they sent a text with pictures.  Not two days earlier, JustOneChesed Chicago had received a call from a family who was in desperate need of a bed as one of their children were currently sleeping on the floor. They put the two families in contact with one another and the bunkbed was picked up right away and their child now had an appropriate place to sleep.  The dining room set was then passed onto a family who desperately needed one.

*Name changed to protect client

JustOneChesed Chicago has a referral service that helps those in need to get directed to the appropriate organization that is needed in their specific situation. Whether someone is in need of food, a ride to an appointment, help getting into a doctor, finding a doctor in a specific area…and so much more. JustOneChesed Chicago is here to help the Chicagoland area.  Feel free to contact us by calling or texting (833)4-CHESED or by e-mailing 18334chesed@gmail.com  We are here to help you.


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