LGHS Celebrates 



Albuquerque, Antwerp, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cordoba, Key West, London, Pontault-Combault, Potomac, San Francisco, Sante Fe, Twin Cities,  and Tucson. What do all these places have in common? They are the hometowns of the Lubavitch Girls’ High School class of 2018. 

Over 200 people came to celebrate the accomplishments of the 30 students who have spent the past four years studying, volunteering and learning with their friends. The graduation started with a welcome from Rabbi Baruch Hertz, Dean of LGHS, who mentioned that this was the first year that daughters of alumni were graduating.  Rabbi Yosef Shmuel Moscowitz, Executive Director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois, read a letter that the Lubavitcher Rebbe had sent to a graduating class and spoke about the Rebbe’s dedication to girls’ education. Then the graduates themselves spoke. 

Each student spoke on a different topic. Some were Divrei Torah, others about the impact that the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rebbetzin had on their lives. Students spoke about their classmates, different school programs, and the sacrifice parents make to send away their children to have a proper Torah education. A daughter of an alum dedicated her speech to being a second generation graduate. Graduates thanked the community who welcome out-of-towners into their homes and their in-town classmates who give them a home away from home. The teacher of the year, Mrs. Dina Romanoff (Science) was recognized for her dedication to making sure that students succeed.  One of the most emotional points of the evening was when a student who had participated in the Yad VaShem program that matched students with area survivors, thanked Mrs. Naomi Jacobson, (who was present) and Mrs. Eva Ozarowski, (who was unable to attend), for teaching them about the importance of family and faith. At the reception after the ceremony, students excitedly brought their parents over to meet Mrs. Jacobson. 

The graduation ceremony ended with an emotional talk given by Mrs. Sarah Bluming of Potomac, Maryland about sending away her daughter for high school, followed by the granting of diplomas. The diplomas were given out by Mrs. E.R. Moscowitz, principal of the school and Mrs. K. Pinkus, general studies director. 

Mrs. Moscowitz and Mrs. Pinkus, along with Mrs. C. Epstein work day and night to ensure that the students at LGHS receive a quality education, not just through studying, but by putting their knowledge into action. The atmosphere of the school makes every student feel important and appreciated. Although many of the girls did not know each other in 9th grade, by the end of 12th grade, they are friends for life, partly because of this care and concern. 

We wish the graduates much hatzlacha in their studies next year in Tzfas, Yerushalayim, Milan and New York. 



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