Libenu Celebrates Creativity and Self-Expression  


Libenu residents have been busy this summer, immersed in creative artistic activities designed to foster self-expression. First, our women created vision boards that examine and express their unique personal styles, then created their own clothing line out of newspaper and craft supplies. They had a chance to model their creations on the “red carpet” and explain their inspiration for the designs. Heartfelt thanks to Chani Richter and Judy Superstein for leading the “Libenu Live Your Best Life” design studio.

Elazar Weiner led an art night where the residents recreated their favorite images from the outdoors using pastels. Libenu residents explored the garden and selected leaves, plants, and flowers that represented their favorite aspect of summer. After they finished their artistic creations, the residents discussed what they chose and why it was special to them.

Libenu is excited to partner with the Institute for Therapy Through the Arts (ITA) in Evanston to bring more creative opportunities to our residents. We have just embarked on an 8-week music therapy program designed to foster social interactions and engagement, self-confidence, expression, and awareness as well as the exploration of emotions and feelings.  In addition, music activates multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, and can allow for increased neural connections and activity in the brain. The music therapist uses specific experiences designed to help improve coordination, fluid and consistent movements or ways of speaking/singing, or to engage as much of the brain and body as possible to allow for consistent engagement and interaction.  Finally, music therapy helps to facilitate the development of abstract concepts such as lyric analysis, songwriting, and identifying with a song because of the theme or words, which supports, validates, and helps externalize what our residents are experiencing in a positive, supportive way. 

Libenu is proud to incorporate the arts into the many services we provide for Jewish adults with special needs. We believe that creativity and self-expression are critical, particularly for whose talents are often unrealized. At Libenu, we look beyond the disability to celebrate our residents’ unique talents and gifts. 

For more information about Libenu or to share your talents and skills with our residents, contact us at 847-213-0514 or email



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