Momma Chef’s Soup Kitchen Grand Opening At Congregations KINS  


On October 16th, Momma Chef’s Soup Kitchen at Congregation KINS opened their doors to welcome approximately 70 guests, in need of meals, for their grand opening. The excitement and enthusiasm could be felt by all the participants, volunteers, and of course the organizers – Karen Nochimowski – Momma Chef, Richard Silverman – President of KINS, and Rabbi Matanky – Rabbi of Congregation KINS.  

Each of the guests enjoyed a delicious meal including honey-curry chicken, chicken noodle soup, challah rolls, brown rice, brownies, and more. Everyone was able to sit at a beautifully linen-covered table with flowers on top. The participants were also given a bag lunch for the following day. Many participants, when receiving their bag, said they were going to give it to another friend who was in need of a hot meal. One elderly man was so appreciative, “Thank you so much for this meal – it is the first hot meal in weeks.”  

Everyone involved with Momma Chef’s Soup Kitchen volunteers their time and skills – from the graphic designer, shoppers, chefs, and clean-up crews. Please feel free to help this amazing new endeavor by going to and donating today!  




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