NCSY Staff Conference 2017


This past month close to 200 NCSY staff members from around the world gathered in Stamford Connecticut for NCSY’s annual Staff conference otherwise known as Staffcon. Each StaffCon has a theme that drives the three days exciting professional development and this year’s theme was Amplifying Impact. NCSY staff came together as an international organization to grow personally and professionally towards their mission of inspiring the Jewish future, reinvigorate spiritually and physically, network with like-minded colleagues to enable cohesion and shared best practices, and further build a culture of appreciation and pride for the hard work and accomplishments of NCSY staff, and they did just that!

The conference was packed with dynamic and engaging opportunities to explore how to further Amplify Impact on an individual, regional and community level so that they can continue to connect, inspire and empower the Jewish future. NCSY staff members had the opportunity to dig deep and reflect on their top five strengths and how they come together and interacted in each region after taking the Strengthsfinder test through Gallup, so they can work to amplifying their impact at every opportunity. Regions examined how to positively destruct their best practices, programs, reach, and impact after hearing from one of the keynote speakers, Seth Merrin, an entrepreneur, global business leader, and philanthropist, as well as author of The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea Into a Revolution, and an individual who has a deep passion for helping to build the Jewish Future. NCSY staff strengthened their skills in management, fundraising, education, marketing, Israel education, logistics, community engagement and relationships, advisor management, and more through focused workshops, and walked away with more enhanced skills and motivation to continue their growth further. NCSY staff had the opportunity to be inspired and strengthened through Torah learning from such esteemed Torah Scholars as Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky, Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, Rabbi Menachem Nissel, Rabbi Israel Lashak, Rabbi Benzion Klatzko and Mrs. Aliza Bulow who gave classes and shared words of inspiration and chizuk. A culture of appreciation and pride was enhanced through a new feature at this year’s Staffcon-The NCSY Village and Recognition Row, where NCSY staff’s accomplishments and the organizations best practices and programs were on display in a visual, interactive, and experiential manner for all to appreciate. Rabbi Greenland, NCSY’s International Director, also launched The NCSY Way, which outlines and grounds how NCSY as an organization operates, engages, and interacts with colleagues, teens, families and the community at large. The NCSY way is rooted in five fundamental values; Torah and Torah Values, Warmth With No Judgment, Healthy Relationships, Engaging The Broader Community, and Passionate work. The NCSY Way will define how NCSY as an organization continues to Amplify their Impact in inspiring the Jewish Future.

StaffCon 2017 was co-chaired by Mrs. Mashi Polstein of Midwest NCSY and Rabbi Menachem Tenenbaum of Central East NCSY under the auspices of NCSY’s Leadership and Development department headed by Rabbi Ari Rockoff, Director of Leadership Development, and facilitated by Rabbi Phil Karesh, Director of Staff Onboarding and Mentorship.


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