Refuah 311 Hires Mental Health Director


To address the changing and growing needs of the Chicago Jewish community, Refuah 311 is expanding its presence in the arena of mental health. Doing so demands investing significant time and resources to expand Refuah 311’s mental health department to better guide individuals to the best mental health resources available.  

An expansion on this level involves the hiring of a Yehoshua Ford to the position of Mental Health Director. Yehoshua, a graduate of HTC, has spent the past two years living in Denver while working as a case manager at Areivim Taskforce and Maxim Health Services. He and his family will be relocating back to Chicago this coming summer to supercharge our efforts in dealing with the mental health challenges our community faces. Yehoshua will be tasked with building on Refuah 311’s extensive database of qualified mental health professionals with comprehensive information regarding range of specialty, therapeutic technique and insurance participation. Using this database, Refuah 311 will be able to better provide referrals to partner patients with the optimal mental health professional appropriate to their specific need.

Refuah-311’s reputation is built on its emphasis on the continuance of care.  Therefore, the Refuah 311 office will continue to guide patients towards the best course of action and provide follow up as well, regularly checking in with patients, maintaining an ongoing relationship to assess that the treatment plan is beneficial while making adjustments as necessary.  

Through education and outreach, Refuah 311 will work to help erase the stigmas attached to mental health issues, while building on its resources to continue helping the community at large. The Chicago Center is thrilled to welcome Yehoshua to the Refuah 311 team and wish him much hatzlacha in his new role.   



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