The Grand Siyum At Fasman Yeshiva High School


The Fasman Yeshiva recently had its annual Siyum event.  It wasn’t just an opportunity to recognize many talmidim for their growth and excellence in limud haTorah, but it was a strong message about Torah in general.  As Rabbi Frand said at the 12th Siyum Hashas, “learning Torah is more than just a mitzvah, it is a way of life.”  As we say in maariv, “ke heim chayeinu”.  

The famous Hillel Hazaken, paid half of his wages to learn in the local beis medrash.  The Chafetz Chaim asked, but we should only pay up to 20% for a mitzvah? The answer is that when it comes to Torah, it’s not just a mitzvah, it’s life itself! For life, one is allowed to pay as much as it takes.

Rabbi Kupchik said, “I was thrilled to experience his ba”h first FYHS Siyum and I look forward to helping our talmidim continue to soar in their learning.”



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