They Love Me Just Like My Father Did 

By: S Fisher 


“Two years ago my father called me and my siblings into his room. He blessed us with Birchas HaBonim, that was the last time I saw him… I felt so alone.” 


This is the story of one of the orphans who is a member of ZELAZE. 


ZELAZE has provided a personal support system for thousands of widows and orphans from every part of Eretz Yisroel. From the moment of loss, ZELAZE works tirelessly to provide for every need of the freshly bereaved widows and orphans. They are there, with open arms and open hearts, 24 hours a day. 


ZELAZE organizes many varied programs throughout the year: weekend getaways, bas mitzvah groups , Yom Tov events and much more. One of their most ambitious undertakings is a summer camp for hundreds of orphaned girls. 


“This year ZELAZE is planning a camp for me and all my friends. Please help me raise the money so we can all go to the camp this year! At ZELAZE camp I feel like there is someone close to me, someone who loves me just as my father did.” 


Help ZELAZE help her go to camp with all her friends. Be a part of realizing this young orphan’s dream. 


Please open your hearts, and donate at to help one more orphan go to camp.  


You can also donate by mailing your Tax Deductible Donation to: 

American Friends of  ZeLaze: 1731 56th Street, Brooklyn NY 11204 

Or CALL US Number at: 904.606.6146 or 407.890.1322 


Visit us at 




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