Torah Minute: Holy Matzos

By Rabbi Moshe Katz

Two square matzo crackers.

Pesach is around the corner.
And it’s time to talk about matzah!
Here’s an amazing story. …  

It was in a DP (Displaced Persons) camp, shortly after liberation.
One of the survivors arranged the baking of matzah for Pesach.
Supplies were very limited and the matzah was rationed.
Two matzos per family.
A great Chassidic Rabbi sent his son to pick up their matzos.
“My father requested four matzos”.
The man responded, “I’m really sorry. I wish I could. But there is a limit.
Two per family.
I’d love to make an exception. But I really can’t.”
The Rabbi’s son persisted.
“My father never asks for special treatment. But he was adamant about this.
He must have a very good reason.
He said he needs four.”
The man was puzzled. But he found it hard to refuse.
Especially since this Rabbi did so much to help his fellow Jews during the war.
So he gave him four matzos.
… Right before the Seder, the Rabbi came to see the man.
“I know the kind of person you are. And I was concerned.
I was sure you would give out all the Matzos.
And not keep any for yourself.
So here are the two extra Matzos.
They were for you!”
… I think we should tell this story at our Seder.
And as we’re about to eat our matzah?
We should think of those Holocaust survivors in the DP camp.
How after everything they went through
They baked matzah!
Because they were determined to keep Judaism alive.
And we should think of those two Jews.
The Nazis wanted to destroy their humanity.
But they failed.
Because what were these two Jews thinking about in the DP camp?
The needs of others!
Have a wonderful, joyous and meaningful Pesach!


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