YU Torah Mitzion Kollel completes learning with a tour of Glenbrook Mikvah


The perfect way to end the learning of any section of halacha is to witness it first-hand in the real world.  That’s exactly what the fellows of the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel did late February when touring the Solomon and Dora Einhorn Glenbrook Mikvah.  The Kollel had been learning hilchos mikvah and wanted to cement their studies by witnessing how an actual mikvah is constructed with their own eyes.  

Located in Northbrook, the Glenbrook Mikvah was completed in 2016 and has been servicing the community ever since.  The facility contains a women’s mikvah, 2 preparation rooms, a keilim mikvah, and has 3 rainwater cisterns to accommodate all major halachic opinions for tevilah.  “It’s a community mikvah, so we wanted to ensure we built it so everyone could use it, “ said Josh Nankin, director of the project.  

In addition to learning about how the rainwater enters the boros (cisterns) when the mikvah is filled for its initial use, the Kollel was interested in the cisterns’ water capacity, the heating and filtering units, and how the mikvah operates day to day.  To get a closer look, the Kollel members uncapped the boros for the first time since the mikvah opened.  “It was a special opportunity to review the practical applications of the complex halachos of building a mikvah, “ remarked Rabbi Meir Moscowitz,  member of the mikvah rabbinical board. “The mikvah is so beautiful and seeing all of its halachic components greatly enhanced our learning,“ said Rabbi Aaron Kraft, Rosh Chabura.  

One particularly unique feature the students admired was the accenting of the boros covers with white marble, engraved in gold with the halachic names of the cisterns.  “Many mikvahs try to hide their boros, for space or aesthetic reasons.  Instead, we chose to accent them. This causes people to ask questions and learn more about how mikvah works,” said Nankin.

Although the weather did not permit accessing the roof to examine the water collection system, the Kollel was sent home with a booklet containing pictures of its construction and schematics.

After going over the halachic details, the students were shown the luxurious amenities the mikvah offers, including custom embroidered towels and robes, a steam shower with aromatherapy, the preparation room sound systems, and even heated flooring.  “The Glenbrook Mikvah is beautiful both Halachically and aesthetically.  It was amazing for us to have this behind the scenes look,“ commented Rabbi Reuven Brand, Rosh Kollel of YU Torah Mitzion Kollel.  

For more information on the Solomon and Dora Einhorn Glenbrook Mikvah, please visit www.glenbrookmikvah.org or call 847-278-2939.


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