YUTMK’s Annual Yom HaZikaron Program  


Yom HaZikaron is a day filled with many emotions.  The annual YUTMK Tekes captures this range for the sake of our appreciation and connection to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to possess Israel, the Jewish homeland.  The Tekes was led by one of our Israeli Shlichim, Rabbi Adir Shafir, who left his home with his family in order to strengthen the bond between the Chicago community and Israel.  Rabbi Shafir highlighted individual stories of those who lost their lives, both in wartime and through acts of terrorism.  He selected Israelis and an American born Chayal Boded, a lone soldier, to recognize and pay tribute to the mesirat nefesh, the self-sacrifice, performed by Israel’s beloved martyrs.   

The night also featured speakers from across the community, including Rabbi Reuven Brand and Rabbi Elisha Prero.  As Rabbi Brand beautifully stated, there really is only one Jewish community as a whole- the one in the land of Israel.  Programs such as this Tekes broaden and enrich the bonds between the diaspora communities with the Jewish home in Israel.  


*Photo Credit: Photos by Geula Deray  


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