Charlie Harary inspires packed crowd at MTI in Saint Louis.

By T. Cohen


Almost 400 people gathered together at Missouri Torah Institute (MTI) to hear words of inspiration from the charismatic Charlie Harary. Craftily weaving in humor with his serious and powerful message, Mr. Harary uplifted and inspired the large crowd – many of whom were making their very first visit to the MTI campus.

Charlie’s penetrating message, delivered eloquently with his signature charm and enthusiasm, helped the audience understand for one to be a giver, one must first recognize the G-dliness and power within themselves. We tend to think of Hashem as being separate from us- around us and on top of us. In reality, Hashem is also in us and not separate from us. We all have a piece of Hashem inside of us, our job is to recognize this and bring it out.

The uplifting event was graciously sponsored by the Fox family, commemorating the 3rd Yahrtzeit of Greg Fox, Chizkiyahu Moshe Yaakov Ben Shlomo A”H. Anyone who would like a recording of the speech can email [email protected] or call the office at 636-778-1896.