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Chicago Jewish community gathered to celebrate the completion of “The State of Illinois Unity Torah” in memory of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz ob”m. 


Over 700 people from all walks of life participated in this meaningful and joyous event. 

Rabbi Moscowitz, Regional Director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois, established the first Chabad House in Illinois in 1977. By the time of his passing, there were more than 40 centers in 21 cities across the state. Currently, there are 50 Chabad Centers in Illinois.

Rabbi Meir Moscowitz addressed the crowd and drew inspiration from the new Torah – bringing new excitement in our own study of Torah and interacting with fellow Jews. He shared exciting developments about Rabbi Moscowitz’s final project the building of a central headquarters modeled after 770 in Chicago!

Rabbi Moscowitz’s Granddaughter Chana Moscowitz shared heartfelt remarks about her Grandfather, and Grandson Levi Teldon sang a moving song in memory of his Zaidy.

World-renowned singer Benny Friedman and the Freish Band enthralled the crowd with uplifting song and music followed by a kumzitz till the wee hours of the morning.

The celebration continued with a full-fledged hakofos and celebration at Chabad of Bucktown/Wicker Park led by Rabbi Yosef Moscowitz. 

“Seeing Jews of all backgrounds sitting together and celebrating in unity and achdus is a true testament of who my father was,” said organizer Leibel Moscowitz of LM Productions, “his influence still lives on.”