Coronaweary Teens Join Artist to Create Giant Mural


Home all day for months on end due to Coronavirus, teens (and their parents) have been desperate for creative outlets. With stress levels higher than ever, those back at work are finding their daily commute more difficult and taxing than before. 


The solution: A group of teens in Skokie teamed up with East-Coast artist Yitzchok Moully to paint a giant mural full of bright colors and positive Jewish messages to greet people as they drive eastbound on Dempster St. in Skokie, shortly after exiting the I-94.  


Over the course of just two days, the giant mural was painted onto the wall of the offices of Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie, the parent body of C-teen, a local youth group. In the hours since the mural was completed, passersby have been observed exiting their cars to inspect the larger-than-life display of vibrant color that suddenly appeared in the heart of Skokie.