FYHS Open House


On Tuesday evening, October 30th, nearly 50 prospective parents gathered for an Open House at the Yeshiva.  The evening opened with remarks by Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, Menahel; Rabbi Josh Zisook, Director of Admissions;  Mr. Peter Gobel, Associate Principal for General Studies; Mr. Randy Cohen, 10th grade parent and Avery Amster, Senior Class President.  Parents were divided into three groups led by FYHS students, Reuven Cin, Avery Amster, and Moshe Shapiro to tour and visit three stations to learn about Limudei Kodesh, General Studies and extra-curricular & chesed activities.


FYHS thanks the following Rebbeim, teachers, and staff who presented on behalf of the Yeshiva:  Rabbi Mordechai Ginsparg, Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman, Rabbi Aharon Cardash, Rabbi Eric Goldman, Mr. Brian Hayes, Mr. Jacob Gabrail, Mr. Michael Lindner and Mr. James Verdaguer.  Thank you to students, Doni Miretzky, Gavi Warso, Tzvi Abrams, Yaakov Mendelsberg, Josh Lefton, and Adeev Segal who also presented from their perspective as current students.  Special thanks to Dov Landsman who played the piano beautifully as parents were welcomed by Etai Kluk, Jak Karesh and our YPA Presidents, Mrs. Janice Levitan and Mrs. Adina Greenberg.