It Is Going to Be OK  

By Zoe Nussbaum, 9th Grader at ICJA 


Your braveness and encouragement kept us going everyday  

Although you may have been scared it is safe for us to say  

“It is going to be OK, no matter what you have gone through”  

You have changed our lives, and we are going to miss you  


You-as women, have made a tremendous impact on our lives  

It makes us happy and excited to see you thrive 

If you saw us women now- you would be shocked  

Women can vote now, and we are no longer dropped  


Don’t look so upset dear women  

For you are no longer hidden  

The Jews will come out of this difficult time strong  

It will get better, even if it seems long 


I know you are unhappy and upset  

But listen to me, please do not fret 

If you could see our nation now you would be on cloud nine 

Sincerely, the girl who heard about you through the grapevine