Melamed Academy: The Online Yeshiva Day School & College Program 


It’s the newest educational trend, and it’s here to stay. Find out why Melamed Academy enrollment is growing every year. 

Looking for the Right School? Melamed Academy Turns the School Year into a Success  

The school year officially started in September, yet many students don’t have a school desk. It’s time to think out-of-the-box. Fortunately, a convenient inexpensive solution is readily available. Melamed Academy is a registered NJ private school, providing home-based students with a complete education, from Kindergarten through a High School diploma. Choose the track that fits your needs – Limudei Kodesh, General Studies, or both.  Subject levels range from AP and Honors, to Mesivta-style and Remedial. Every student receives a customized placement, with a wide range of Electives too.  

How does it work? Students receive a TAG-approved Melamed Kosher Chromebook laptop, and login to the classroom websites to do their schoolwork at any time of day, from any location. The engaging interactive lessons are designed to be completed independently while the Melamed teachers assign and supervise student work, answer questions, and grade assignments.  

It’s as simple as that. With a 99% graduation rate, Melamed Academy has the best track record of any online school. Melamed Academy graduates continue to top-tier yeshivos, seminaries, and colleges of their choice. Which brings us to the next division. 

Want to Be a College Graduate This Year? Melamed Academy College Program is for you! 

Melamed is different than other online college programs in some significant ways. Firstly, no high school diploma or GED is required. Melamed also provides customized Math and English courses to meet the students’ starting point. Online courses with short video lessons and practice quizzes keep all students advancing towards their goals. 

Also, current high school students can earn both high school and college credit for the same course – in Torah and general subjects. Most importantly to the one footing the bill, Melamed’s college program is absolutely the lowest price for any regionally-accredited BA/BS degree. 

Melamed Academy’s philosophy is that a college degree is even more valuable when accompanied with practical career skills, such as web design, ecommerce or real estate, or others. Therefore, career training is included as a bonus to all of our students. 

Top-Tier Mesivtos and Bais Yaakov Schools Choose Melamed Academy  

The best endorsement of Melamed Academy comes from the menahalim and principals of leading chinuch institutions who choose our program, year after year. 

Ranging the gamut from courses to replace classroom teachers, resource room lessons, courses for individual students, Regents courses, and credit-recovery courses – Melamed Academy proudly partners with Yeshiva day schools and high schools across the US every day to educate their students. With our TAG approved laptops, student placement tests, and wide course variety, each school receives a custom solution fitting their needs and budget. 


Melamed Academy shares your chinuch standards and understands your needs. You can trust us with your precious children’s education. We accept new students every day of the year. 

For inquiries, please call (732)228-8800 ext. 3, or email [email protected]  

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Melamed Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit institution, servicing the Torah community. Program sponsorships and student scholarships are tax-deductible.