Torah Minute: Changing the World?

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


Last week we began reading about our enslavement in Egypt.

And about Moshe being chosen by G-d.

“Go to Pharaoh and free the Jewish People”.

Moshe wants desperately to get out of it.

But he can’t.

As much as he tries, G-d insists.  

“You’re the man!”

So Moshe is about to leave Midian and go back to Egypt.

For the most important mission in world history.

To free the Jews and bring them to Mount Sinai.

They would get the Torah and change the world!

… Before Moshe goes?

The Torah tells us a small detail.

With a huge lesson.

Moshe drops in on his father-in-law.

He lets him know that he’s thinking of moving on. 

“I would like to leave and return to my people in Egypt.” (Exodus, 4:18)

And gets his blessing.


Because it was the right thing to do. 

His father in law deserved that respect.

…. It’s something to think about next time we’re involved in something very important.

And we might not be as careful about people’s feelings as we should.

“After all, we need to get going. 

This is really important”!

We should stop. 

Think about our “mission”.  And about Moshe’s mission.

We should ask ourselves…

“Am I about to change the world?”

Probably not!

But Moshe was.

And he had time to consider the feelings of others!