The Chicago Center Bais Medrash was vibrant with Kol Torah throughout Pesach! Shiurim and chavrusos abounded.


Every Chol HaMoed morning, the Father and Son Learning Program in the Bais Medrash hosted the sweet melodies of over 75 children learning with their fathers. On the last day of Chol HaMoed a Grand Raffle awarded valuable prizes to participants, including seforim and an electric scooter.

Many area hospitals had fully stocked pantries at the ready, with Pesach products, for anyone that found themselves there over Pesach. Community members were also able to avail themselves of the Refuah 311 Taxi Cards if they needed to get to the hospital over Yom Tov.

The Chicago Center is excited about the start of the much anticipated Father & Son Shabbos Afternoon Learning Program, Kollel Mateh Aron’s beginning of Perek HaMafkid and are looking forward to the Summer Women’s Shabbos Shiurim.

Always something new and exciting happening for you and your family!