A Torah Minute: “A Life Changing Story”

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


It happens every once in a while.                                                                                    I hear an amazing story.
A life-changing story.
And I just need to share it.
Here it is.
A Jewish publication was surveying prominent people.
They asked them this question…
If you could pick any three people in the history of humanity?
And have them as guests at your table
Who would they be?
(You might want to give that a few seconds of thought.
Because it helps us get in touch with our values.
We can skip the politicians and great athletes for now!)
Some people said Avraham or Moshe.  Sarah or Rachel.
Rabbi Akiva or the Rambam.
Some said Albert Einstein or John F. Kennedy.
The responses were fascinating.
But the response that floored the questioner?
… It came from Rabbi Dovid Feinstein of New York.
Rabbi Feinstein is one of the leading Torah scholars of our generation.
Questions of Jewish law and Jewish ethics come his way from around the world.
Not only because he has mastered the entire Torah.
But for another reason as well.
His brilliant mind is matched by his incredibly sensitive heart.
And his humility is hard to believe.
Not only does he give brilliant Torah lectures in his Yeshiva?
He can also be seen filling the vending machine!
And his response was unique.
Because while everyone thought of who they would enjoy having?
How honored they would be. How awesome it would be?
Or from whom they could learn or be inspired.
His immediate response was very different.
Who would this world-famous Rabbi like to host?
The three poor people…
Who would get the biggest boost being at his table!
… He was not thinking of receiving.
He was thinking of giving!
… Rabbi Feinstein doesn’t only teach from books. 

He teaches by example!