A Walk In The Park (Plaza): Words To Live By     Part 4: Look Around You And Appreciate The Daily Wonders Of Nature In All Sorts Of Weather.   

By Mayer Smith   


A good pair of binoculars often brings great enjoyment from watching birds and small animals. The squirrel, for example, is confined to a limited territory and is exposed to all the elements each day, rain or shine, but understands that he must provide himself and family food for not only today and tomorrow during seasons of plenty but also store away for seasons of little or nothing.  We can learn that we, too, must accumulate out of today’s income the different sums needed for stages in our families’ lives –  school tuitions, special occasions such as weddings, and  probably most important, retirement. 


The birds, on the other hand, can roam freely from one local area to another in search of food and places to nest. They can also control their environment by traveling long distances to escape long-term unfriendly weather sort of like the human snowbirds who go between North and South to have access to weather conditions that suit them best. 


Ahh. But for our dogs and cats inside, you don’t need binoculars. The canine pets are eagerly waiting for you at the door anxious for your affection. The felines, on the other hand, act like they are the masters and wait for you to seek their affection! 


The sad part is when a pet you love starts having ailments and pains that you are not able to alleviate and you have to watch them suffer until the end.  Then, you seek out a new pet and live it all over again.  But, the time of the shared love seems to make it all worthwhile. 


And, last but not least, are the wonderful displays in the sky of various cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets plus the clear nights with twinkling stars and the man in the moon smiling down on us.  


What blessings we receive daily if we only look for them!