ATT Announces Banner Year In Securing Federal Funding For Its Schools 


Since the 1970’s the ATT has been representing the Jewish nonpublic schools to the local educational agencies (LEA’s) and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). Federal funds are allocated directly to the state and the state allocates these funds to the local public educational agencies. Chicago Public Schools works closely with the ATT to distribute services/materials associated with these funds according to specific government guidelines. The ATT attends consultation meetings with Chicago Public School officials every month to advocate for its schools and has been doing so for over 30 years. When comparing the funds safeguarded by ATT to other states across the U.S., ATT comes out ahead in its per-pupil funding across all titles. 

Beneficiaries of federal funds are the Jewish school populations in Chicago and the suburbs, including yeshivos. Funds provide resources to schools, administrators, teachers, and students. Funding secured for 2017-2018 topped $1.8 million and impacted close to 4,000 students and teachers. Since 2000, the ATT has secured and processed close to $15.3 million in federal funding for its schools! 

Specific funding programs that are available are: 

  • Title I for students experiencing academic difficulties – math/reading remediation, academic coaching, professional development, fine arts, and parent involvement programs,  
  • Title IIA for professional development of teachers and administrators,  
  • Title III for supporting materials and tutoring services for limited English proficient students,  
  • Title IV for technology, program enrichment, and social-emotional student health, 
  •  IDEA Proportionate Share for special ed student referrals and services. Over 100 students from ATT schools were serviced for learning disability instruction, speech/language, and social work during the past year. 

What does the ATT’s Government Programs Department do? It ensures that our schools receive the federal funds they are entitled to and that these funds are used appropriately to close the achievement gap and increase student achievement. Funds must be supplemental and not supplant regular school budgets and programs. They must also be secular and neutral, reasonable and necessary. The current programs are part of the federal program called ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act. 

ATT also serves on the executive board of the Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools, a collaborative advocacy group for all nonpublic schools in Illinois. ATT also represents schools to the Illinois State Board of Education and is very involved in the school recognition process. For the last couple of years ATT has helped plan the annual statewide nonpublic school conference and was instrumental in appointing the ombudsman for the State of Illinois, a new position that serves as a federal programs advocate for nonpublic schools across the state. 

ATT is proud of it role in these programs. Its schools are appreciative of ATT’s activism on their behalf and the ATT’s expertise in safeguarding the funding year after year.