Charitable Giving is now easier, faster and safer with the launch of the TzedakaApp 

TzedakaApp – Experience the ultimate in charitable giving 





Age old tradition meets tech-innovation with launching of the TzedakaApp. Designed to replace cash donations to collectors, the TzedakaApp provides users with the ultimate donation experience by allowing them to track their giving, providing tax deductible receipts and confirmation of collector’s identity. 

By simply downloading the app and following set up instructions, users can manage and maximize their donations in the palm of their hand. The tracking element of the TzedakaApp eliminates the questions of who you’re giving to, how often, and how much. 

Each collector is vetted before receiving a collection code. The TzedakaApp confirms that the collector’s legal name, ID number, address, telephone number and the name of any organization they may represent. Once verified they are issued a TzedakaApp Collector’s card with a personalized TzedakaApp number and QR code.  

With the TzedakaApp users are also able to track how often they give to each collector, as well as how much is given over the course of a month. At the end of each month users receive a receipt which can be filed as charitable donations on their tax return. 

Additional features of the TzedakaApp include: 

  • Identity confirmation of collectors 
  • Immediate upload of funds to your secure TzedakaApp account 
  • Instant donation transactions to individual collectors 
  • Know who you give to and when with charitable donations tracked in real time 
  • Tax deductible receipt covering each and every donation, no matter the amount 
  • Financial protection with the highest online account security 


The TzedakahApp is available for Android and coming soon on iOS. For more information about the TzedakaApp visit