Harav Akiva Grunblatt Visits MTI-Saint Louis Yeshiva

By: A. Cohen


As the uplifted atmosphere of the Yamim Noraim faded into the routine of Cheshvan, Yeshiva U’Mesivta D’Missouri (MTI) received an infusion of inspiration with the visit of Harav Akiva Grunblatt, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens, New York. Harav Grunblatt provides hadracha to the hanhala of MTI, and his guidance and influence are instrumental to the yeshiva’s success. 

It was a sight to behold and a big Kiddush Hashem as talmidim came to greet the Rosh HaYeshiva at the Saint Louis airport on Friday. It was a real hands-on lesson for the talmidim in learning how to give proper Kavod Hatorah to our gedolim.

MTI talmidim and rebbeim alike gained a tremendous amount from Harav Grunblatt’s visit. During a staff lunch, rebbeim consulted with Harav Grunblatt about timely chinuch topics. Talmidim imbibed Harav Grunblatt’s words of Torah and hashkafa on Friday and throughout the weekend with a shmuess, Oneg and a Q&A session.

On Sunday morning, the older mesivta talmidim, bais medrash talmidim, community members and chavrei hakollel were invited to participate in a shiur from Harav Grunblatt on the topic of Zemer Achar HaChurban.

The broader community also benefited from the visit of this Torah luminary. On Motzei Shabbos, over 120 community members filled Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Deutsch’s home to hear Harav Grunblatt address the relevant topic of “The Pursuit of Happiness: Attaining Simcha in Our Lives” and to enjoy a delicious catered melava malka. Rav Grunblatt masterfully wove in many Chazal and a number of enlightening stories to share his message. It was both thought-provoking and enjoyable to gain more insight in the proper pursuit of happiness. Our search for happiness will not be successful if it is based on a drive for more material wealth. Rather we must strive for excellence and have spirituality in our lives- only that will give us true contentment.