Highlights of the Areivim dinner to honor and acknowledge the Weiner family, who established the “Weiner fund” Leilu Nishmas their beloved son Moshe Yida a’h, to benefit the orphans and surviving spouses in our community


Friends and family gathered together recently at Ateres Chana Malka Hall in Boro Park for the Areivim dinner to commemorate the establishment of the “Weiner Fund” in memory of R’ Moshe Yida Weiner a”h. The fund was created by his father, R’ Hershel Weiner in memory of his beloved son.

As those present listened with tear filled eyes, R’ Hershel declared passionately, “When the day of reckoning comes, I want to be able to tell my son R’ Moshe Yehuda that his memory lived on in the thousands of orphans that were helped in his zechus”.

The tragic passing of R’ Moshe Yehuda, in a horrific car accident two years ago on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, left his nearest and dearest as well as the community at large shocked and distraught.

During the shiva, his father, R’ Hershel seeking a way to channel his grief into something tangible and memorable, undertook to ease the plight of hundreds of orphans and spouses by spearheading an initiative to greatly expand the work of Areivim. Areivim is an organization that pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to the surviving spouse and children left behind when the father or mother is tragically taken.

To this end, and with the assistance of family and friends, R’Hershel established a new fund aptly named “מי(which is the initials of Moshe Yida) ערב” which is to say that this fund is a guarantor for the needy and also an ערב for the neshama of the beloved R’ Moshe Yida a”h.

This new fund has so far brought almost 1,500 new members into the Areivim network, enabling hundreds of orphans to benefit from it.

During the ten years since its inception, the Areivim project has preserved the dignity of thousands via its autonomous collection method. Its members pay just $7.00 per orphan, which comes to millions of dollars paid out in total.

The beauty of Areivim lies in its simplicity. All monies collected go directly to the orphans, thus eliminating the need for expensive fundraising initiatives allowing for the maximum amount to reach its intended destination. In addition, the anonymity precludes the need for any direct solicitations, preserving the dignity of the yesomim and remaining parent who are already in so much pain and misery.

The establishment of this new fund, gave Areivim the ability to increase its reach and scope even further, expanding its safety net for thousands more.

The evening was well attended by those close to the Weiner family. The ambiance was elegant and the entire event beautifully appointed, with delicious food and a kumzitz with the renowned “Ari Hill”.

Some of the venerable people in attendance included board members:   R’ Daniel Geldzehler, Rosh HaYeshiva Ohr Yisroel, The Galanter Rav, and R’ Binyamin Zev Landau shlita Dayan of Tosch. Many other marbitzei Torah and community activists were present as well. The board of Arevim also includes R’ Elya Brudny shlita, Rosh HaYeshivas Mir and R’ Henoch Shacher, Rav D’Khal Ohr Tovia.

The main speaker at the event, R’ Meir Mordcha Berkowitz, mesmerized the audience as he related the history of Areivim, emphasizing how, since its inception, Areivim has literally saved the lives of countless orphans to the tune of twenty million dollars!! Specifically, since the inception of the new מי ערב fund Areivim was able to greatly expand its sphere of influence and help.

He went on to praise Areivim, and its very effective system, contrasting it to a campaign undertaken in his hometown of Monsey, NY. In that case, money needed to be raised for orphans after a series of tragedies, and the difficulty as well as shame that inevitably came along with more conventional fund-raising campaigns highlighted the need for an organization such as Areivim.

Areivim helps so many families in such a discreet and honorable fashion and keeps its expenses to a minimum enabling all the money to go directly to help those it is intended for.

R’ Meir Mordcha then went on to recall that sadly unforgettable Thursday when family, friends and all of Klal Yisroel were hit with the news of the tragic accident that took the life of the beloved R’ Moshe Yida Weiner z”l. R’ Moshe Yida was a person with a huge heart, himself a tremendous baal chesed as well as a person of perpetual good cheer who greeted everyone with a smile and was filled with energy and zest for life.

Remarkably, his father, R’ Hershel, did not allow this tragedy to cloud his vision. From the depths of his sorrow, his overriding thought was, “how can we perpetuate the beautiful middos of my beloved son? What can we do to honor his memory?”.  And out of this tragedy was established a fund that would bring relief to those touched by tragedy as well.

Friends and family rallied together in honor of their beloved Moshe Yidel a”h, eager to take part in this very special venture that would bring joy to the pure soul of one who brought such joy during his very short life.

R’ Berkowitz ended with a heartfelt plea to Hakodosh Baruch Hu that this very special family, the Weiner family, know no more pain and sorrow, only simcha and joy.

Areivim presented Mr. Weiner with a plaque in acknowledgement of the tremendous act of chessed he initiated and continues to support.

The crowd was next honored to hear from the esteemed R’ Binyamin Zev Landau shlit”a, who, despite his being heavily involved in Bikur Cholim, specifically helping the sick navigate the very complex medical system, has the highest regards for Areivim, specifically the honest and straightforward way Areivim is run, with all of the money going directly to the needy. In fact, in the last 7 years, the average cost to each member was, on average, only $160.00, generating about $20,000,000.00 in tzedakah which went directly to the families of the deceased.

R’ Landau raised the very obvious concern, that one of the requirements to join Areivim is that members must be declared healthy and well. He encouraged everyone to join while they are young and healthy, to avoid the frustration of being turned away once its too late.

The famous maggid, R’ Sholom Shraga Feish Poplonosh shlit”a, recounted his own experiences of being an orphan, and his struggle to learn and grow when things looked so grim and foreboding. How uplifting to both the children that no longer have their dear Tatty, and how comforting to those that now shoulder the entire financial burden alone to know that they were taken care of and are being provided for! What a beautiful gift to give your family, the ability for them to go on living free of the heavy burden of parnassah, of “where will the next dollar come from”.

All praised Areivim for their revolutionary work in helping maintain the dignity and self-respect of the remaining spouse and yesomim, by providing them with necessary funds, discreetly, without fanfare or publicity. Areivim operates under the radar, quietly but steadily making a real impact and literally changing and saving lives.

The evening left a deep impression on all those present, garnering their pledge to continue supporting a cause that helps so many, so directly and unassumingly. By partnering with Areivim, you are partnering with Hakodosh Baruch Hu by helping and giving to his beloved children.