ICJA Retreat to Camp CHI and the Perlstein Resort  


ICJA students and faculty hit the road last Thursday and Friday for an incredible retreat together at Camp CHI and the Perlstein Resort. Programming included sports games on the CHI athletic field, basketball games, zumba, a learning panel with teachers on the power of positivity, a gameshow, grade level bonfires and more. A highlight of the program was a late evening mishmar learning session of the hilchot teshuva in memory of our beloved Rebbe, Rabbi Robinson z”l. The entire school gathered for a focused session of learning, followed by chulent and singing and dancing.  

 On Friday, we made a pit stop on the way home from CHI to hang out at Richardson Family Farm. 

Recent ICJA alumni greatly enhanced the ruach and learning throughout the retreat, and we are grateful they were able to join us.    

We are incredibly grateful to Leslie and Tom Silverstein for their support of this program that has enabled us to bring back a beloved ICJA tradition to our current students.