Joy and Inspiration at Soul String


More than 300 people filled the Nichols Music Hall in Evanston on Rosh Chodesh Adar for “Soul Strings: an evening of Chassidic song and inspiration” presented by Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois. 

The impetus for the event was the fourth yarzteit of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz o.b.m., founder and director of Chabad institutions in Illinois. There are 47 centers throughout the state from Carbondale to Quad Cities, from Rogers Park to Rockford and from Naperville to Normal. The Chabad Centers serve communities, college campuses, young and old. Illuminating Illinois one soul at a time. 

In keeping with the directive (Koheles 7:2) the “living take to heart” – his life and legacy is perpetuated each year through Soul Strings – a unique event which combines world renowned speakers and dynamic musical inspiration. Soul Strings has quickly gained a reputation as an annual event of inspiration celebrating Rabbi Moscowitz’s life and accomplishments. 

This year Rabbi Manis Friedman, Dean of the Bais Chana Institute, author and highly sought after speaker was the highlight of the event. Rabbi Friedman spoke of joy as knowing who you are and that you belong. Popular Chassidic Folk bank “Rogers Park” a duo of local Chicago men, Yosef Peysin and Mordechai Kurtz performed their distinctive version of inspirational and uplifting Chabad melodies. 

Rogers Park band members and Rabbi Friedman both knew Rabbi Moscowitz well and described his influence on their work. It was Rabbi Moscowitz who encouraged two youngsters to bring their music to the masses and it was Rabbi Moscowitz whose confidence in his identity and his mission who exemplified Rabbi Friedman’s message that joy is knowing who you are.