Live from Chicago, It’s Sunday Night Learning (SNL)! 


There is an exciting new initiative in Chicago that has taken the Orthodox male high school population of Chicago by storm. Sunday Night Learning, or SNL for short, is a program run by the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel offering high school boys a chance to learn in a positive Beit Midrash environment with their friends, Kollel fellows, and Rabbeim throughout the community. Every Sunday night at 8:00 pm sharp, dozens of teens walk into the KINS Beit Midrash, where they are greeted with multiple learning opportunities. Among these opportunities are Chaburot with Kollel fellows, independent learning with their friends, and a chance to win over $3,000 by learning and taking optional Bechinot with the YU High School Bekiut Program. In addition, the teens are able to enjoy popcorn chicken, drummets, and other delicious food options.  

“There’s something really special about walking into a Beit Midrash and seeing 75 high school boys sitting and learning of their own volition,” says Program Director and Kollel Fellow Rabbi Daniel Kanter, “There are teens from different schools and different grades, coming together to learn Torah. It’s really amazing.” Following 8:45 pm Maariv, there is also a weekly raffle of multiple Amazon gift cards. At the end of SNL the boys head home, but one thing is for certain: Next Sunday night at 8:00 pm sharp, they will be back again at SNL, ready to eat delicious food, win amazing prizes, and enjoy learning Torah with their Rabbeim and friends.