Miami Marathon Recap


Everyone is always running around, but our dedicated Team Lifeline volunteers are running for the best reason – to support the kids at Chai Lifeline! There were 18 Midwest runners who completed the half-marathon or full-marathon in Miami for Team Lifeline! Asher and Rachel Lopatin have been running this marathon for four consecutive years with their family after spending the first three years cheering on other runners. These are people who run for a cause! Inspiring quote from Rachel Lopatin: “I dislike running…. but I love Camp Simcha and all the good that Chai Lifeline does! Having just finished my fourth Miami Half-Marathon, my knees, hips, and feet ache. However, I know I will do it again and again and again! For the kids and for all they go through and for my kid, that’s why we run! Until there is no longer a need for Chai Lifeline, we will continue to do what we can to support Chai Lifeline and the work that they do.”