Another Successful Shas For Shidduchim


In an unbelievable display of unity, purpose, and heart, hundreds from the Chicago community and beyond joined together on Monday, January 21st to complete the entire Shas in the zechus of shidduchim for Klal Yisroel.

Harnessing the auspicious day of Tu Beshvat and the tremendous power of Limud Hatorah, hundreds of Lomdim, many of whom stayed through the night in order to complete their allotted blatt, dedicated their time to storm the Heavens and plead with Hashem to direct all Jewish singles to their basherts.

With so much conversation within the frum community about “the shidduch crisis,” and the pain of the singles within the community, this Shas for Shidduchim movement afforded people the opportunity to do something proactive to help those in pain.

After last year’s incredible success, which Baruch Hashem was followed by many Mazel Tovs, Jews from the Chicago community and sponsors throughout the country were energized to recreate this powerful movement. Shas for Shidduchim 2019 saw a tremendous turnout– 400 Lomdim and 400 attendants who came to participate in the grand siyum–all to make the effort to help singles in need.

As Rav Yaakov Bender addressed in his speech to the Lomdim who gathered, those who partook in this campaign didn’t just display a willingness to help address the issue, but they also showed their solidarity and support for those in pain. Shas for Shidduchim is a true exhibition of the love and achrayus that Klal Yisroel feels for each other. Every attendee and participant of the program showed up to share the burden, to feel the pain of those suffering. A class of Yeshiva students spent hours of their winter vacation at the Shas for Shidduchim event, dedicating their time and efforts to help Klal Yisroel’s singles.

Rabbi Bender elaborated in his speech upon the concept of achdus: the true hallmark of being a Jew is the ability to feel the tza’ar of another Jew. The incredible turnout and enthusiasm for Shas for Shidduchim proved the incredible nature of Klal Yisroel– the dedication and responsibility to one another that is intrinsic to us as a people.

Shas for Shidduchim led to an influx of Tefilos, love, and support for those feeling so helpless in their (or a loved one’s) search for their bashert. Participants were invigorated to make renewed efforts to help make shidduchim, as Rabbi Bender reminded the crowd, “Shidduchim can come from the funniest places.”

The crowd, who gathered from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, in different attire, were blown away by the amazing sense of unity that Shas for Shidduchim brought upon Klal Yisroel. “We all feel for each other, we’re all davening for each other– it’s truly a display of Kol Yisroel Areiveim Ze L’Ze,” said Marc Geller, a Chicago resident and Shas for Shidduchim participant. “If we’re all in this together, our zechusim are pooling up and hopefully we’ll be zoche to see yeshuos!”

After an intense 24-hour learning marathon, the completion of Shas was celebrated by a beautiful Siyum Hashas. The simcha in the air was palpable, as hundreds of community members joined together to celebrate this incredible accomplishment– assured with the hope that there will be many more occasions to celebrate!

A special thank you to all the Shas for Shidduchim Lomdim and sponsors who really made this happen– either by actively learning, contributing services, or supporting the cause– we truly could never have accomplished this feat without you.

Iy”H, following the incredible dedication of Klal Yisroel to each other and to Limud Hatorah that we saw in the Shas for Shidduchim event, we will be zoche to celebrate many simchos!

Let’s gear up for Shas for Shidduchim 2020!