The Spirituality Event Of The Season


Spirituality, a central component of our Jewish life, was the theme of this year’s kickoff event of the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel’s Aron and Rivka Friedman Living Torah series on Sunday evening.

Community members enjoyed special out-of-town guest speakers Rabbi Elie Mischel, a Rav in Livingston, New Jersey and Mr. Binyomin Wolf, a lay leader in Woodmere, New York involved in learned and disseminating teachings of Chassidus today. Rabbi Yaakov Danishefsky, Rabbi Dovid Kupchik, and Rabbi Micha Greenland contributed to the panel discussion, breakout workshops, and concluding remarks respectively. The evening was an uplifting, inspirational beginning to the Yamim Norim season, and all of the sessions were recorded to be available online. It was a terrific start to the new Kollel community learning schedule.