Torah Minute: Holding On To Purim

By Rabbi Moshe Katz


The holiday of Purim is behind us.

And as important as the celebration of a Jewish holiday is?

It’s also important that we take something with us.

That our lives are somehow different.

Here’s something I was thinking about on Purim.

And something I hope to think about every day as well.

… G-d’s name is not in the Megillah.

Because G-d was there, but He was hidden.

There was no “splitting of the sea” like on Pesach.

Purim is a day that we need to look deeper to see G-d.

To see that He was there pulling the strings.

… It’s one of the most fundamental Jewish teachings.

Every human being is created in the Image of G-d.

There is something G-dly in every person.

And with some people?

G-d’s presence is like the splitting of the sea! 

You can’t miss it.

With others?

You need to look a bit closer to see it.

And sometimes we meet someone and…

“It just isn’t there.”

The holiday of Purim should remind us that the problem is with us.

That we need to look deeper.  And deeper. To see beyond the external.

And if we do that with every person we meet?

We will find the Image of G-d!